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setTextFromWorkSheet (Read 3225 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
YaBB Administrator

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16.06.08 at 22:20:46
How can I call / use a sql-syntax on a specified worksheet?
The following syntax doesn't work:
SQLXL.Sql.setTextFromWorkSheet (Range("SQL!D10:D17")), True

It looks nearly correct. I am not too sure about the brackets around the range statement. Obviously I don't know either whether the SQL sheet exists. That is something for you to check. By not coding the workbook name you assume that the workbook containing the SQL is the active workbook. You can make it specific using this notation for the cell address that includes the workbook name: [myworkbook.xls]SQL!D10:D17
I have just recorded this statement. Did you know you can record all of the SQL*XL syntax. Just enable the macro recorder and record snippets of code. Much easier than doing it yourself!
  SQLXL.Sql.setTextFromWorkSheet Range("Sheet1!B3"), True

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