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Connecting OleDb (Read 5012 times)
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Connecting OleDb
12.06.08 at 09:29:05
I want to connecting with Microsoft DataLink Properties Wizard. I selected the Microsoft OleDB Provider for SQLServer. I write server name which is "mbak", and I enter user name as "sa", password as "1234" and Database as "MyData". But When I click the Ok Button, at the SQL*XL window,  I see user Name sa, Provider as SQLOLEDB and Database name as mbak not MyData. Is it a bug ?
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Re: Connecting OleDb
Reply #1 - 14.06.08 at 20:53:49
I checked to see how it works with SQL Server through the OLE DB driver.
I pressed the new connection button,
I entered the Microsoft Data Link Properties Wizard
I chose to use the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
I picked the servername + database from the list. In my situation this was vm-sql2005XP\SQLExpress as I am using the vm-sql2005XP server and the SQLExpress 2005 database which I called SQLExpress.
I entered user name sa and the password.
The details were saved as:
User: sa
Database: vm-sql2005xp\sqlexpress
Provider: SQLOLEDB
So the server + database is saved as database. In your case it should have been listed as mbak\MyData
I personally think that it is better to have the servername prefixing the database name. I have not coded this myself as the OLE DB provider just lists this as database name.
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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