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Updated documentation on parameters. (Read 3711 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Updated documentation on parameters.
02.06.08 at 09:48:55
Updated documentation on parameters.
The documentation on parameters was updated.  Examples were still given with an older syntax. The Parameters.Items collection was replaced a while ago with 2 collections, one for each parameter type, Parameters.BindVariables and Parameters.SubstVariables.
Please see: tml er/index.html
After setting the SQL text to the SQL object the collections will be updated. So if your statement is as follows the Parameters.Bindvariables collection will be containing the au_id parameter:
SQLXL.Sql.SetText "select * from authors where au_id< :max_au_id
Next the value or other properties of the parameter can be set. Suppose we want to run with a value of 100 we can now set the parameter value:
SQLXL.Database.Parameters.BindVariables("max_au_id").Value = 100
Note that the parameters collection is part of the database object. The parameters will be defined for the duration of the database connection.
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