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The standard and full version (Read 3155 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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The standard and full version
18.05.08 at 18:51:57
The standard and full version
I require SQL*XL Standard version along with a feature comparison sheet with the Full Version, so that my company may decide to use the same.

SQL*XL comes in two edition:
SQL*XL 4 Universal
This is the fully enabled software. It connects to all database types and there are no restrictions.
SQL*XL 4 Standard
This version has been limited to connect to Oracle only. Further it can only connect through the OO4O driver. The universal version can also use ODBC and OLE DB. There are some advanced features that the Standard version cannot offer due to limitations on the OO4O driver.
There is no free version. It is free to use SQL*XL 10 days for evaluation purposes. With the full version you probably mean the registered version. You need to chose which edition you want to take out. If required I can send a evaluation for both versions.
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