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Filter database data in Excel (Read 4073 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Filter database data in Excel
14.05.08 at 21:45:41
Filter database data in Excel
I downloaded and installed your software. I was able to connect to my sqlexpress database and used the sql editor to get all of the data from one of my tables into an excel spreadsheet.

So far so good but now I want to filter the data and I cannot get it to work. Are there samples somewhere to follow?

You can filter the data in one of the following ways:
1. By adding the filter to the SQL.
You probably used SQL statements like this: select * from my_table;
You can extend this SQL to include a so called where clause. It is in the where clause that you specify what you want to bring over to Excel. So assuming there is a column my_col in your table you could execute:
select * from my_table where my_col > 1000
This will copy only those rows to Excel where the value of column my_col is larger than 1000.
For a primer on SQL see:
Also, is the help in any other format such as Word, and are you able to search the help for words like 'create a table' or just 'table'? TIA I like what I see so far.........

At the SQL*XL forum website (this forum) you can use the google box at the top to search our website. That is the easiest way to search at the moment. Note that it searches by default. You can also set it to search the whole web for information.
The SQL*XL help is provided online at and in a help file that is installed on your computer called sqlxl.chm. For a printable version I have not yet found a good tool to convert the help file to a pdf for example. If you know a tool that can convert a whole website (or sub site) into a PDF or other viewable/printable form, please let me know.
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