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litXLS: support for the Range property (Read 3387 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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litXLS: support for the Range property
10.05.08 at 22:41:57
litXLS: support for the Range property
Support for the Range property was added to the Worksheet object in the litXLS software. Using litXLS you can write binary Excel files without using or having installed MS Excel. Now it is also possible to use the Range function to specify which cells you want to modify.
Hitherto you could only use the Cells function:
Worksheet.Cells(2,3) = "abc" would set cell value C2 to value "abc"
Now you can also use Worksheet.Range("C2").Value = "abc" to achieve the same. Moreover you can use Worksheet.Range("C2","D12").Value = 123 to set a range of cells to the same value. The latter call can also be written as worksheet.Range("C2:D12").Value = 123.
Please note that litXLS keeps in memory all cells that have a value or some kind of non default setting. When you use Range to give in one statement a large number of cells a value or property it may take some time and it may also consume a lot of memory.
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