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E-mail's into spreadsheet (Read 3270 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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E-mail's into spreadsheet
29.03.08 at 10:24:03
E-mail's into spreadsheet
Can your software do this? I have my website form requests get Emailed to me, I have about 1000 E-mails / contacts that follow the same structure, I would like to know if I could somehow automate this into a spread sheet.  
Yes my software can do this. You can use the Outlook2Excel software.
Outlook2Excel transfers the emails over to Excel. The email body will be transferred into one cell. Using Excel formulas you will be able to extract the contents of your webform.
If you can use this software that would be the easiest solution. If you want to have something that is tailored to your particular needs, let me know. It is possible to add some logic to Outlook or Excel to make it easier to transfer the data over.  
Best regards, Gerrit-Jan Linker
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