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Oracle Designer - building data relationships (Read 4655 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Oracle Designer - building data relationships
22.02.08 at 10:38:06
Oracle Designer - Building data relationships
Data view for the module does not automatically display inherent or designed data relationships. To reproduce the relationships between tables already specified in Designer choose Utilities | Default Links. The utility allows you to automatically generate links that specify how the module component tables are to be used in constructing a generated application. The type of links that are generated by this utility are referred to as key based links.
If you have based a module component on a view no foreign keys will be available to make the data relationships. This can be fixed by creating a dummy foreign key on the view. In Designer add a foreign key to the view in the Server Model. When generating the view no change is made to the generated code, i.e. no foreign key is attempted to be made physically in the database. However with the foreign key you can now use this view in the module component. The button "Key based link" can be used in the module diagram to create the link.
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