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Oracle Designer - block positioning (Read 4209 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Oracle Designer - block positioning
20.02.08 at 08:18:22
Oracle designer - block positioning
I was not easy to display two blocks vertically on the same canvas one next the other. After much experimentation I set the following settings in the Placement section of the module components properties:
Module component (block) 1:
Placement: New Content Canvas
Right of Component: NULL
X Position: NULL
Y Position: NULL
Module component (block) 2:
Placement: Right of
Right of Component: NULL
X Position: 1
Y Position: 10
Note that when I am editing the module component using the dialogs that the dialog complains about not having specified the Right of Component. When I am selecting module component 1 it displays block 2 to the right of block 1 and not below it.
Perhaps there is a better way to do this?
For another form I managed to just specify for the second module component (block): Placement=Same content canvas.
That did the trick nicely. My first example is for a stacked canvas. Perhaps that is the difficulty.
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