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Desktop search systems (Read 5889 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Desktop search systems
18.02.08 at 22:26:32
Desktop search systems
I have the need for a desktop search system. I have downloaded and collected a large set of documents, code snippets, and whatever else seemed interesting at the time: ebooks (chm's, pdf's, djvu's), zips, .... Having soo much stuff it is not easy to find the material again. Several desktop search systems can be used to index the local material in order to quickly search the entire archive / library of material.
I am trialling 4 solutions:
Google Desktop
Copernic Desktop search
Windows Indexing Service
Since I am using some GB's of material I have created a network share with all the information called \\server\library. I would like to offer the various programs this network share in order to neatly index the material and to provide me with a nice query interface to search my files by keyword.

  • Google Desktop
    The google desktop lets me add the network share. I can deselect local drives, email archives and anything else I don't want to index.  
    I downloaded a special plugin to index to the djvu files.  
    I found that for some reason only the djvu files were indexed. No pdf's or chm's or other files were indexed. At least when I searched the indexed files only djvu files were returned and no pdf's, chm's or other files were in the search results. I am sure however that other file types were containing interesting results.
    Google desktop shows always on my system as indexing the files. It seems never "fininshed" indexing. The number of indexed files never increases either so I am led to believe the indexing is done...
    Although it is great to find my information in the djvu files I seem to not be able to index the other file types. It is time to look at some alternatives...
  • Feehand
    I installed the necessary .Net libraries and the freehand program itself. After install I notice it can only index a few file types. I cannot select it to search djvu files or chm files.
    I could only add the file share I want to search by creating a network drive. Not a very big hassle but slightly disappointed it won't take a UNC path.
    After indexing at the same time as the Copernic indexer for 2 days it indexed 25% of the 35 GB of files taking 720MB disk space for the index itself.
  • Copernic Desktop search
    The Copernic Desktop search can be configured to add the network drive by typing the UNC path. All other drives could be easily deselected. There are many indexing options and that is nice to see. I added the chm and djvu file types.
    After indexing at the same time as the FileHand indexer for 2 days it indexed 9% of the 35GB of files taking a staggering 6GB of space for its index. Does this mean the projected size of the index is 60GB, almost double the original material size?
    Although Copernic as a nice looking interface I am going to give it a miss due to the space the index takes.  
  • Windows Indexing Service
    Although the indexing service seems to be able to let me add a share using a UNC path I did not manage to do that for some reason. Whatever I tried resulted in a invalid directory name error.

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