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Oracle Designer Form Generator (Read 10792 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Oracle Designer Form Generator
16.02.08 at 12:45:52
Oracle Designer Form Generator
To generate Oracle Forms using Oracle Designer you can use the following approach.
First, ensure that the database, table, and column definitions are put in the designer repository.
The form generation process typically includes specifying:  

  • a repository module definition, from which Form Generator generates the Oracle Forms form module.
    Add a new module. Set Language to SYSTEM FOLDER/Oracle Forms
  • module components, from which Form Generator generates blocksmodule component table usages for base tables and lookup tables
    Add a new module component. Add a table usage.
  • bound and unbound items, from which Form Generator generates interface items
    Add bound and unbound items. Change the usage sequence to change the order of the columns.
  • default layout and behavior for the generated application module, using object libraries, templates and preferences
  • how the module interacts with other modules, from which Form Generator can generate menus  
  • The final step of the form generation process is to run Form Generator to create the Oracle Forms application.  

If the first generation of an application does not fully meet your requirements, you can modify the information in the repository and generate again. Using this iterative approach, you can strive for and achieve 100% generation. Oracle Headstart is especially focussed on the goal of 100% application generation.
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