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Connect Excel to Quickbooks (Read 8561 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Connect Excel to Quickbooks
01.02.08 at 23:15:14
Connect Excel to Quickbooks
Will your ODBC driver work with Quickbooks 2002 Pro? If so, which program should I use, and yes, please send me an evaluation key.
A slight correction - SQL*XL is not an ODBC driver. It will however allow you to connect Excel to Quickbooks.
Please read the following articles to connect to a Quickbooks database:
SQL*XL: Excel database connection through ODBC: Create New Data Source ator/create_data_source.html
QuickBooks FlexQuarters QODBC Driver ator/create_data_source.html#quickbooks
SQL*XL: Excel QuickBooks Database QODBC Connection c.html
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