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Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (Read 4556 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
13.01.08 at 22:46:33
Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
In quantum physics the Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that you cannot measure at the same time the position and the momentum of a particle accurately.
If you can measure the position accurately you cannot measure the momentum accurately and vise versa.
Another way to state the Heisenberg uncertainty (indetermination) principle is:
No predictive laws exist containing references to the simultaneous position and momentum of a particle.
So instead of saying that it is uncertain it is called indeterminate: it may be certain (who knows?) but you just cannot determine it simultaneously.
Heisenberg indetermination relationship:
ΔfΔg >= <[f,g]>
The uncertainty in the value for observable f or g is greater or equal to half of the average value of the commutator of operators f and g. Hence, if f and g commute they can be simultaneously accurately measured.
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