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Hard disk benchmark using HD tach (Read 5011 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Hard disk benchmark using HD tach
22.10.07 at 19:38:43
Hard disk benchmark using HD tach
Investigating the speed of a hard disk can be performed using the HD tach program. This excellent and free program is from SimplySoftware.
I downloaded version, only a mere 1 MB. The installation was quick too.  
Starting HD tach I selected my hard drive from the list of available drives and performed a quick test. It first performs a burst test. Then a CPU test a random access test and a sequential read test THe first three tests were performed in about 10 seconds each. THe last test, the sequential read test took a couple of minutes. During this test the PC was barely usable...
The result of the test shows in a neat graph and the speed is compared to a SCSI Ultra 320 (320 MB/s), a Sata 150 at 150 MB/s, a ATA UltraDMA 6 going at 140 MB/s.
My disk showed just as 3.2 MB/s. An earlier test a couple of months ago scored above 300 MB/s. There is clearly something wrong with my hard disk. It was replaced already once because of this reason...
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