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Change history in the SQL editor (Read 3208 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Change history in the SQL editor
20.10.07 at 16:31:19
Change history in the SQL editor
A customer sent me this question:
I wonder if you can look into one thing that's anoing Smiley me.
When I create an Select statment in the SQL Editor, it happens a lot that
I miss something like a simple '.' or something. If I go back and run the
select and get an error, the hole select goes back to the state it was before
I did any changes. That meens, I have to start over again to create the changes
I would like to add.  
Can you please fix this some how, so I get back the lates
SQL EVEN if it's incorrect?
One way to do it is to add a button on the error-message dialog that pop's up.
Where I can choose if I want to go back to the old SQL or the new.
The most estetic way is to go direcly into the SQL editor and put the cursor
on the fault and high light it. Then pop up the error message you have now in the dialog.
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