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Export sales into general ledger spreadsheet (Read 4171 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Export sales into general ledger spreadsheet
21.06.07 at 11:38:32
Export sales into general ledger spreadsheet
My purpose of using the software is to export daily restaurant totals from a
sql database to specific cells in an excel spread sheet. With no direct
intervention from the operator.  
And to be able to do this thought a command line statement or batch file.
For instance:
Run batch 'sql*xl.bat'
Which would export restaurant food sales from the sql database to cell B3 in
the 'General ledger spreadsheet'.
Or at command prompt statement such as:
Sql*xl.exe -x -y -z -1
That would do the samething.
You can write a batch file to do this but there is no executable statement. I have given the details for the batch file below. However there may be an easier way to do this.
Why not use a formula that automatically attaches your restaurant food sales from the database to your Excel cells in the general ledger spreadsheet. You can use the SQLQueryValue function to do this.  
Over the past few months I have added some information about what I call dashboards or cockpits. Some call them BI dashboards as well. Perhaps it gives you some ideas on how to do this. When using the SQLQueryValue function you only need to establish the connection in the way you are already used to do and you need to refresh the formulas which you can do using the SQL*XL menu SQL*XL, insert functions, calculate, calculate all
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