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SQL editor (Read 4203 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQL editor
31.05.07 at 22:38:31
SQL editor
SQL*XL communicates to databases through the SQL language. This Simple Query Language is a powerful language with which you specify what to extract from the database or what to change inside the database.  
SQL can be used to extract data by running select statements (DQL). You can also send SQL to insert or update data (DML). Another set of SQL allows you to create database objects such as tables, views, users, etc (DDL). Some databases allow the usage of programming lanugages. Oracle e.g. can process PL/SQL a procedural SQL language. SQL Server uses a different language called T-SQL. These statements can all be executed from the SQL dialog and can be compiled in the SQL editor.
The SQL editor is started from the SQL dialog. SQL can already be typed into the SQL dialog. When a better editor is required the SQL editor can be started from the SQL dialog.
In the SQL editor you will find a database objects list. You can drag the objects into the editor or right click the objects to let SQL*XL build template SQL statements.
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