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Security Toolkit (Read 5334 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Security Toolkit
31.05.07 at 22:37:39
Security Toolkit
The security toolkit is a program delivered with CDROM deliveries of SQL*XL. With the toolkit you can pre-configure SQL*XL. You can take away features by graying out menu items and buttons. You can restrict the types of SQL the user can execute, the types of databases it can access, the types of drivers that can be used, and so on.  
The purpose of the security toolkit is to provide a means to make a limited version of SQL*XL. You may want for example your end users only to use run select statements and block any data modification functionality. By making these settings you will make SQL*XL read-only.
Along with the security settings you can pre-set all the SQL*XL options. The settings can be easially applied to other workstations.
The working of the security toolkit is well described in the following forum topic. You will find an attached document with screen prints:
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