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LOV - List Of Values (Read 8542 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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LOV - List Of Values
15.05.07 at 08:58:38
LOV - List Of Values
I need to be able to display List Of Values (LOVs) as drop downs and popups within Excel.  These LOVs would need to be populated at run time from Oracle tables.
Excel has a feature called validation. You find it under the data menu. Select the cells for which you want to add the dropdown LOV. Choose to use a value from a list. You can manually type the list (comma separated) or you can point to a range of cells that contain the values.
If you do the latter you can use the same range as output target. E.g. if you specify A2:A22 as range you can make a query to put the values in A1 and below. That way the title will go in A1 and the data for the list will be put from A2 onwards.
When you open the sheet just refresh all queries. The data in your dropdowns will automatically be refreshed too. If you don't want the LOV data ranges visible you can put them in another column e.g. column Z. You do need to put them in the same sheet as you use the LOV. This is an Excel restriction.
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