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Template Based Sheet w/ Dynamic Data Range Insert (Read 4867 times)
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Template Based Sheet w/ Dynamic Data Range Insert
05.04.07 at 03:23:13
This is the code that will work if you have defined your Spreadsheet to be a Template for your users. I use the first 10 rows as a Template for which the data is to be inserted. The actual data starts in B11. I have added a button on the spreadsheet so the once the user clicks on the button is will do the insert. One other thing is that the template has a predefined set of columns so I know the start column and end column.
Here is the code for your macro. (insert all data between column B and BD)
    range(Selection, "BD11").Select
    range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
    SQLXL.InsertRecordset Table:="TABLE_NAME", Columns:="COLUMN1, COLUMN2...", datarange:=Selection, PromptOnError:=True,      
               SortToStatus:=False, CommitFrequency:=50, Orientation:=1, Silent:=True, Feedback:=True
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Re: Template Based Sheet w/ Dynamic Data Range Ins
Reply #1 - 06.04.07 at 08:38:45
Yes, this technique can be used to select a range of cells dynamically. If you don't know how many rows the table contains you can use the above code. If you also have a unknown number of columns you can use the Selection.End(xlRight) function to determine the last column. You do need to start with a populated cell though.
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