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Multiple SQL statements (Read 3155 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Multiple SQL statements
27.03.07 at 11:31:35
Multiple SQL statements
The SQL*XL SQL dialog seems to allow multiple statements (e.g. "select * from emp;select * from suppliers;select * from orders;" - would create 3 statements. Do these statements run sequentially - or in parallel? If sequentially - why would you want to do this? I assume that their returned dynaset's are all separate and can be iterated through independently? You still only need 1 connection? (assuming queries are all visible from the current connection)
Yes, all true. The statements are run sequentially. Handy if you have many statements to process.  
Further, if you would require the statements to run on different databases you can add connect commands:

connect scott/tiger@oracle817;
select * from emp;
connect scott/tiger@oracle10g;
select * from dept;

Note that this will attempt to connect to the oracle817 database first then run the query on emp. Further it will connect to the oracle10g database and do the query on dept there.  
Also note that this connect syntax is for OO4O connections only. You can also connect using ADO connections but you will need to supply the whole connection string.  
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