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Extract data from database views (Read 3334 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Extract data from database views
28.02.07 at 21:28:02
Extract data from database views
Margaret from the UK asked the following question.
I am interestd in using SQL*XL - I have installed the trial version, but it only will extract data from tables - I would like to also extract data from database views.  Is it possible to do this using your product.
Sure it is! It surprises me that you say this is not possible. Extracting data from views is just as easy as it is to extract data from a table. Which database type do you use? Not all databases handle views in the same way.
SQL Server and Oracle use views that are defined in the database. They have no storage but they are "windows" on other physical tables in the database. SQL*XL should list them in the database objects list. If it is not listed it may be a public synonym you are dealing with or it can exist in a different schema. In itself is listing in the objects list not required by SQL*XL. Just type: select * from my_view; obviously replacing my_view with your view name.
When MS Access is your database SQL*XL will see the saved queries as views. In effect that is the same as for the major databases. In other words, SQL*XL deals in the same way with them as views in other databases.
Hope this helps. If you have particular difficulties please let me know which database type you are using and what the problem is.
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