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sql 2005 express (Read 13079 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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sql 2005 express
27.02.07 at 14:36:24
Connecting to sql 2005 express
Just finished a small battle with SQL 2005 to connect to it from Excel using SQL*XL. Now I have done it it doesn't seem to be too difficult, however figuring out how to do it took some time again.
I had to switch on TCP/IP.
In the SQL 2005 Express program group there is a configuration utility called SQL Server Configuration Manager.  
In the SQL Server 2005 Services section I enabled the SQL Server Browser. In the SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration I set the following protocols for SQLEXPRESS: Shared Memory and TCP/IP
I restarted the SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) in the SQL Server 2005 Services section.
In the SQL Server Management Studio Express software I added a new user for my database.
In the SQL*XL Connection wizard I used the following settings:
user: gjlinker
password: mypassword
server: mymachine\SQLEXPRESS
It connected ok using ODBC with SQL Server security or Windows authentication. It also connected fine with OLE DB for both methods.
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