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Error initializing SQL*XL (Read 3704 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Error initializing SQL*XL
27.02.07 at 09:42:54
Error initializing SQL*XL
SQL*XL user Norbert from Belgium sent in the following question.
I am reinstalling SQL*XL on a PC where I have a "normal" session where I have not got the administrator rights. When I open Excel I got the following message:
Error initializing SQL XL. please reinstall or report fault quoting: error line: 0
The error is a sign that SQL*XL stopped quite early on in its processing. It could not hook up to the error handler so the automatic error handler is not even working.
This can happen when you install SQL*XL successfully but where the SQL*XL dlls are not correctly registering into the registry. These errors happen silently but can be viewed in the windows event log. You find the event log in the control panel in the administrator section.
Usually the errors happen due to lack of privileges. You can easially see what the problem is by registering one of the SQL*XL dlls manually. These dlls are installed in the windows/system32 directory. You can manually register the dlls by running the regsvr32 program. Just run e.g. the command regsvr32 litsqlxl.dll
The full list of dlls SLQ*XL uses is in the setup.lst file or also in a post on this forum:
Just register all the dlls and SQL*XL should work fine.
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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