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Use litXLS from C++. Type library (Read 3457 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Use litXLS from C++. Type library
22.02.07 at 16:10:49
Use litXLS from C++. Type library
Chuck from the USA asked the following question:
Is it possible to use the LitXLS component from C++? If it's a COM component it should be, but I'd need more information, e.g. the interface name, IID, etc. Can you supply those?
I can get the CLSID using the function CLSIDFromProgID(), but I need to  
know the IID (sometimes called the riid) and the interface name. Usually  
the interface name would be something like ILitXLS and the corresponding  
IID would be IID_LitXLS.
These are usually specified in a header (.h) file or type library (.tlb)  
Having a header file will let me do dynamic linking, which means if for  
some reason the DLL isn't there my app can fail more gracefully. If I do  
an #import, Windows loads the DLL at the same time my app loads, and if  
the DLL isn't there then my app won't start and my customers will see  
some useless (operating system) message.
If something happens to the DLL I'd rather be able to display an  
app-specific message saying in essence "something's wrong; please  
contact tech support with the following information" rather than a  
generic OS error message.
I can supply the tlb file, the type library, which should be all you need.
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