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SQLQueryValue worksheet function improved (Read 4547 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQLQueryValue worksheet function improved
13.02.07 at 16:29:10
SQLQueryValue worksheet function improved
The SQLQueryValue worksheet function was improved to:

  • Do not display function errors where there is no data in the returned rowset.
    Example. Hitherto when the array formula SQLQueryValue was applied to a larger range of cells than there was result data, Excel showed the error #N/A. This error will not show anymore. When there is no data to display, SQL*XL will display a blank cell.
  • Transpose option added
    You can now optionally transpose the resulting rowset. When you transpose the recordset rows will be displayed in columns. This may be handy when you display results vertically.
  • Row limit removed
    Hitherto the SQLQueryValue worksheet function was limited to display 50 rows. Now this limit was removed.

New syntax for the worksheet formula:
SQLQueryValue( select_statement [, transpose] [, rownum] )
=SQLQueryValue("select * from emp") -- Display the contents of the emp table
=SQLQueryValue("select * from emp" , True) -- Tranpose the rowset. Rows are columns
=SQLQueryValue("select * from emp", False, 10) --Show from row 10. Do not transpose
=SQLQueryValue("select * from emp", , 10) --Same as above. Empty transpose will default to False.
Note that you need to type True or False in your own language, e.g. WAAR and ONWAAR in Dutch.
This feature will be released as SQL*XL 4.1.11
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