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My Blackberry 7290 (Read 4082 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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My Blackberry 7290
05.01.07 at 15:45:17
My Blackberry 7290
In this article I will describe how I use my Blackberry 7290.
Not often I have purchased a device / gadget that has change the way I work soo much as this blackberry. With the blackberry I get my email wherever I am and whenever the email arrives. The blackberry uses push technology so no more email checking!
I purchased the blackberry 7290 for about 100 euro together with a InstantEmail account with T-mobile in the netherlands. This is an email only account for unlimited use within The Netherlands. Normal price is 20 euro per month but I got a 50% discount for the contract duration which I fixed to 2 years. I purchased it in the summer of 2005. So, for 10 euro per month I get unlimited use of email within The Netherlands. Cost to use email outside The Netherlands is fair. I live close to the German border and occasionally I receive emails whilst in Germany. On holiday abroad I usually pay around 25 euro for 1 MB of email. That is a lot however it does cover all my email needs and I receive approximately 20 emails per day. This is for a 2 week holiday.
The blackberry 7290 device is a very sturdy little thing. I once spilt some water over it and I dropped it a few times on a hard surface. It still works like a charm. I carry it around all the time in my pocket so it gets the occasional bump. After 1.5 years of intense usage it still looks nearly as new.
The blackberry email account pushes the email straight through to the blackberry handheld. So at T-mobile I have an email address. As soon as an email hits this account it will be forwarded to the blackberry. It has about 30MB of memory to store emails and for me that means that approximately 3 months of emails (I receive approx 20 emails per day on it) are kept on the blackberry device. The mailbox at T-mobile is smaller. Items are aged out there after a few days. On the blackberry device emails will be deleted when memory is full. When new emails arrive old emails get deleted. This happens automatically. If you don't want emails to be deleted you can mark them as saved. There is also an option to prevent deletion.
To avoid spam on the blackberry email address I am not using it. I only use it to pass the email through. I have set a different return address on my blackberry so it will not appear in any email header. You don't want spammers to get your blackberry email address!
My email server is highly configurable. I have a set of email accounts that I have configured my MS Outlook with. Email flow into these email accounts using automatic forwarding on the webserver. Email to info@ will be forwarded to another mailbox that I empty using outlook. For some of these forwarding addresses I have specified that email will not only be forwarded to the Outlook mailbox but also to my blackberry account. This has proven to be quite successful. I still get spam on the blackberry but if it becomes too much I give up a forward email address and open a new one.
T-mobile also offers spam filtering. I created a few rules but these rules are quite difficult to manage. New filters appear at the back of the list and  you sometimes want to give them priority above other filters. You can move them up in the list but it requires a web page refresh each time I move it up a step. With 100 filters this is a disaster. You can define positive and negative filters however, which is good.
Any questions on the blackberry 7290, just post them reply!
Blackberry is a product of Research In Motion (RIM)
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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