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Format output columns (Read 3783 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Format output columns
06.11.06 at 13:23:21
Format output columns
SQL*XL user Joan from Ireland asked the following question.
How do I explicitly format an output column?
Use the column format statement to do this. E.g.
column mycol format "0.000";
select mycol from mytable;

When running the column format statement this setting will remain active for the SQL*XL session. If you have certain columns that you want to always format differently you can make a set of column format statements and run them before you do any querying.
Whenever you execute a query in which a column name matches the name of the column you have explicitly formatted, it will be formatted that way.
Another use of this is a quick way to format. Consider this example:
column shortdate format "dd-mmm";
column longdate format "dd-mmm-yyyy";
select sysdate as shortdate from dual;
select sysdate as longdate from dual;
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