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Using linked tables in Access (Read 3605 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Using linked tables in Access
04.10.06 at 11:59:03
Using linked tables in Access
Linked tables can be queried in an Access database.  
Linked tables are external tables to Access that are coupled through ODBC or direct file connections. The tables are listen in the tables list in Access.  
To query these tables with SQL*XL you can simply connect from Excel to the Access database and do a select * from linked_table_name. Note that the linked tables do not show up in the tables or views list in the SQL*XL SQL editor. Despite not being listed they are available!
Note that you may have to provide the password to access the linked table if it is linked through ODBC in Access. You can save the password in Access but when this is not done you may need to type the password again.
General information about SQL*XL:
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