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Determine windows uptime (Read 4861 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Determine windows uptime
19.09.06 at 08:27:30
Determine windows uptime
I needed to determine how long a PC had been running without a reboot. The following command can be used to determine when it was booted last.
From a MSDOS prompt type the following command:
net statistics workstation
If it generates too many lines of output you can use the more command to only display the first page first:
net statistics workstation | more
The first line of the output tells you when the computer was booted last. The output looks like this:

Workstation Statistics for \\mypc
Statistics since 9/19/06 3:28 AM
  Bytes received                               654652668
  Server Message Blocks (SMBs) received        389854
  Bytes transmitted                            42276232
  Server Message Blocks (SMBs) transmitted     389810
  Read operations                              82333
  Write operations                             1710
  Raw reads denied                             0
  Raw writes denied                            0
  Network errors                               0
  Connections made                             61
  Reconnections made                           0
  Server disconnects                           5
  Sessions started                             110
  Hung sessions                                0
  Failed sessions                              0
  Failed operations                            0
  Use count                                    236
  Failed use count                             0

As you can see these statistics are for a period from 9/19/06 3:28 AM to date. It was this date and time the computer was started.
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