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Batch Excel import into Oracle (Read 9099 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Batch Excel import into Oracle
14.09.06 at 22:29:39
Batch Excel import into Oracle
Markus from Germany asked the following question:
We are looking for a tool that allows us to import Excel datas directly into an Oracle database table and fully automatically in a batch-oriented way. Furthermore, it should be comfortable and easy to use (for PL-SQL-developers).
Is your product SQL*XL adequate? If so, how does it work?
Yes, SQL*XL can be used to achieve this. It is very easy to use and PL/SQL developers will be able to use it with ease. Some VB knowledge is good if some further automation is required. PL/SQL may come in handy if a staging table is used to load the data into and a PL/SQL package could be used for the more elaborate import strategies.
To automate the batch-oriented insert see:
To make the batch insert work automatically you can call the code from the Workbook_Open event as described in this post:
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