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SQL editor: enhanced select statement template (Read 4454 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQL editor: enhanced select statement template
11.09.06 at 09:57:47
The SQL editor of SQL*XL was enhanced to generate a select statement that includes more select statement optional clauses.
In Excel you can open the SQL*XL SQL dialog through the SQL*XL menu or toolbar. On this SQL dialog you can start the SQL*XL SQL editor. This editor can help you to build SQL statements.
On the left hand side of the dialog, the database tables and views are listed. If you right click on a view or on a table you can generate a select statement. The select statement that is generated now contains more optional clauses such as the where clause and the group by and order by clauses.  
As an example of a statement generated this way I have generated a statement to query the Authors table in the Access Biblio database.  
, [Author]
, [Year Born]
FROM [Authors]
WHERE <condition>
GROUP BY <expression>
HAVING <condition>
ORDER BY <expression>;
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