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Save insert statements (Read 3128 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Save insert statements
08.08.06 at 11:36:53
Save insert statements
Brian from the USA asked the following question.
I was wondering if there was a way to save a particular insert statement so if I decided that I needed to run it again, it would be more readilyavailable to me.  To key in the column names is quite cumbersome and would be using the same format each time I wanted to populate data into the table from the spreadsheet.  
What we are trying to do is utilize your tool to take data from thousands of spreadsheets and populate them into a table.  We are trying to find the easiest way to do this.  Let me know if there are any ways to make this easier.  
If you are loading soo much data you probably use the multiple rows insert feature.
If you want to rerun the process your best option is to record a macro and rerunning that. With a little effort you can modify the macro to make it work with any amount of data.
When you use the single row insert statement function in SQL*XL you can simply save the insert form and reuse it at any time.
When you decided to generate the insert statements in the spreadsheet I don't think you have problems. With the SQL*XL function SQLCreateInsertStatement you can make insert statement in cells. Just select all the insert statements to run them in the SQL dialog. Set the source in the SQL dialog to worksheet... ml
If you have special requirements, please explain your problem in a little more detail please.
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