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Database connection wizard (Read 6146 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Database connection wizard
29.07.06 at 20:44:02
Database connection wizard
A database connection wizard was added to SQL*XL. This was done in SQL*XL release 4.1.0.
The database connection wizard is designed to make connecting to database easier. Many customers struggle to configure drivers or have difficulty finding the drivers that can be used. The terminology is confusing in the tools that are used to specify setting. Drivers are called providers, you need to know about DSN's, etc, etc.
The connection wizard should provide the same functionality as before but also offer to automatically try the most common drivers. A list of connection attempts is presented with a successful/unsuccessful status. Simply pick one of the connections that worked.
When errors are received you can look why connections were refused and go back to change the connection parameters.
Some databases are file databases. Examples are dbase and access databases. A tool is provided to scan your drives for database files. It is interesting to see what databases you may already have on your computer. With the help of the SQL editor you can browse the database for available tables. This way it is easy to explore the databases you can find on your PC.
The database connection wizard also contains a screen to specify ODBC connections. This removes the need to go into the ODBC screen of the control panel to make ODBC connections. In the SQL*XL screen you can also make so called DSN less connections.
Finally, for the specialists, SQL*XL comes with a connection string editor. If you know what connection string to use, just type it in.
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