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Automate Multiple Rows Update (Read 4650 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Automate Multiple Rows Update
27.06.06 at 16:53:37
Automate Multiple Rows Update
Albert from The Netherlands asked the following question.
I would like to run the multiple rows update process but I would not like to show SQL*XL's multiple rows update dialog. Can that be done?
Hitherto you could not. The macro recorder would record a call to mnuUpdateMulti_Click, see:
I have build a new function into SQL*XL to accomplish this. You can call this Sub to run the multiple rows update process.
Public Sub MultipleRowsUpdate(Review As Boolean, Update As Boolean, CommitEachRow As Boolean)
This sub executes the same code as the OK button in the Multiple Rows Update dialog. In other words, you can set the parameters in VBA that you would set in the dialog.
This function will be made available in SQL*XL 4.0.48
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