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Rerun query: prevent changed cell formats changing (Read 3550 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Rerun query: prevent changed cell formats changing
21.06.06 at 14:20:15
Rerun query: prevent changed cell formats from changing
Majid from Sweden asked the following question.
SQL*XL changes the format of the cells every time I do a refresh.  
I have applied some formatting to query results that were previously retrieved from the database into Excel with the SQL*XL software. When I refresh the query my formatting changes are lost.
You can prevent this by not letting SQL*XL apply formats the next time you run the query. In the Resultset Options dialog you can unckeck the option to format the results.
Also, you must not refresh the query. Refreshing is when you have opted to let the SQL be saved in a note text. When you refresh the query SQL*XL will see the note text and it will clear the previous results before putting the new results in the sheet. With the clearing of the results your formatting will be lost as well. It is very easy to get around this. Opt to not put the SQL in a note text. Rerunning qeuries without using the note text is possible through the SQL Favorites feature. You can always be specific where the data should go using the select to syntax, e.g.: select * from emp to Sheet1!D12;
Query results in pre-formatted template
Resultset Options Dialog:
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