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Turn off security warnings in Win XP (Read 11377 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Turn off security warnings in Win XP
26.05.06 at 08:26:09
How to turn off the security warnings in Windows XP
In Windows XP you may get security warnings all the time when you have chosen e.g. to not have automatic updates turned off. To not have the security alerts be displayed all the time make the following changes.
The security alert that shows may looks like this:
Your computer might be at risk
- Automatic Updates is turned off
- Antivirus software might not be installed

To remove these alerts go to the security center in the control panel.  
Select the item: Change the way Security Center alerts me.
Uncheck the items for which you do not want an alert:
-Automatic Updates
-Virus Protection
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