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Menu from directory structure (Read 3693 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Menu from directory structure
21.05.06 at 17:35:45
Menu from the directory structure of your files
Windows has a feature you can show your directories as menus. This is so for all the drives and network resources you can see in windows explorer. This can be handy if you want to access your files fast without having to return to the desktop or without starting windows explorer.
The way to use this feature is through the destop toolbar. Right click on an empty part of your windows start bar and from the Toolbars list select to show the desktop toolbar. This will add the desktop files into your taskbar. In itself I don't think that is very useful unless you have few items on the taskbar. The way I use the desktop toolbar is to move it as far as possible to the right so that no icons show anymore. The usual >> sign is shown for the desktop toolbar to indicate there are more icons available. When you click it to open the icons they will show as a menu bar that will expand vertically. Notice that the my computer item, the my documents item and the network places are all submenus. From here you can access any file or directory that you can access through windows explorer.
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