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Runtime only mode for SQL*XL (Read 3659 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Runtime only mode for SQL*XL
07.04.06 at 10:09:06
Frederique from France asked the following question.
Is is possible to have runtime "only" operation mode for some users, I mean, to restrict access to the tool allowing  
to use predefined excel sheet mapped to dedicated database tables and no more SQL*XL functions.
There are a few techniques you can use to do what youo require:

  • The security toolkit
    The security toolkit provides you with the means to disable particular menu items, SQL statements, database connections. You can even hide SQL*XL completely so no SQL*XL menu and toolbar are visible.
    For more information see the following posts:
    -How do I use the security toolkit:
  • Use VBA to make your own interface
    Through VBA you can run SQL*XL. The way to start with this is by using the macro recorder. Record what you want to automate in an Excel macro. Just switch on the macro recorder in Excel with Tools|Macros|New macro. Now perform your actions and stop the recorder. Load the macro in the macro editor of Excel so  you can see what syntax SQL*XL uses. The API is also publised in the SQL*XL help pages at
    With a little effort you can change the code a little to do precisely what you want. If you need a little help, just let me know.  
    When you have built a solution you can use you can look at hiding the SQL*XL features you don't want your users to see. You can add buttons etc to make it easy to start your macros.
    See this post how to hide the SQL*XL interface:

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