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Value Added Tax (Read 6019 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Value Added Tax
04.04.06 at 20:49:59
There are rules for Value Added Tax or VAT for all sales within the EU.  
VAT rules dictate that when we are exporting from The Netherlands - where Linker IT Software is based - we should charge 19% VAT on all transactions to other memberstates of the EU. Therefore VAT is not charged on all transactions to outside Europe.
For transactions within Europe 19% VAT needs to be charged on all transactions except when the VAT registration number can be taken from the customer. This means in practise that transactions to a company can be zero rated and transactions to a private person are liable to VAT. Usually a company is registered for VAT and usually a private person is not.
One further requirement is that the VAT number should be verified. There is an EU website where the VAT numbers can be verified and validated:
VAT number validation:
I have created a simpel verification system in the form of a Excel function which checks some basic characteristics of the VAT numbers. It is not a VAT number lookup but good enough to be reasonably sure it is ok. You give it the VAT number and it will result in True for a valid VAT number and False for an invalid one. The program that contains this function is called LITlib. See:
Finally, these are the rules for the delivery of services within Europe. For goods it is slightly different in the sense that there are for each country thresholds for the turnover. If you stay below that threshold you can use the above way of working. When you come above the threshold you need to register for VAT in that country and charge their VAT tax rate and send the money to the VAT people in that country. A lot more hassle... Luckily for us, software is regarded a service.
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
Linker IT Software
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
YaBB Administrator

Posts: 75
Re: Value Added Tax
Reply #1 - 12.04.06 at 10:54:48
In different European coutries VAT is called differently. Please find the list below of the names for VAT in the different European countries:
Austria: MwSt (MehrwertSteur)
Belgium: BTW / TVA
Bulgaria: DDS
Croatia: PDV
Cyprus: VAT
Czech Republic: DPH
Denmark: MOMS / SE
Estonia: Kaibemaks
Finland: ALV
France: TVA
Germany: MwSt (MehrwertSteur)
Greece: FPA
Hungary AFA / Adokulcs
Ireland: VAT
Italy: IVA
Latvia: PVN
Lithuania: PVM
Luxemburg: TVA / MwSt (MehrwertSteur)
Malta: VAT
Monaco: TVA
Netherlands: BTW
Norway: MVA
Poland: VAT / PTU
Portugal: IVA
Slovenia: DDV
Spain: IVA
Sweden: Mervardeskatt
United Kingdom: VAT
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
Linker IT Software
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