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PC very slow, some hyperlinks not working in IE (Read 3846 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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PC very slow, some hyperlinks not working in IE
30.03.06 at 09:43:05
I went around to the house of a running mate of mine in the evening to fix the PC. Symtoms: slow PC, could not browse the internet anymore as some hyperlinks refused, no email came through.
When I arrived I found a rather dated but not too small PC. Don't know the CPU speed but with 270MB memory it seemed quite ok. I looked at the mem usage and that stood at 800MB after bootup. That's not healty. After removing Kazaa which they had tried and after renaming the registry branch: local_machine/software/miscrosoft/currentversion/run to runxxx I restarted and booting up was now quite fast but still a 500MB was swallowed up by something. I noticed vsmon.exe had some activity and remembered it was zonealarms truevector engine. I removed Zonealarm as they had a Speedtouch ADSL modem with builtin firewall. Memory usage was initially some 300MB after bootup and gradually increased to 400MB. After updating the AVG virusscanner (see messages came of a virus in c:\windows\system32:ytaa.dll. Notice the colon and not a backslash in the name. Disappointed that AVG could not fix this I started searching the web for this file. I found trisnap: that promised to remove the offending trojan horse virus. Downloaded it and ran it only finding it to crash... I tried a couple of times stopping it before it would crash and removed the found items.
After removing zonealarm the emails in outlook suddenly started coming in. That fixed that problem! The virus was still in the PC and I decided to let system update install 36 pending system fixes (not SP2). That seemed to remove the virus, I was able to browse with IE successfully once and memory usage after reboot was at a modest 120MB. Great, fixed, I thought. I tried IE once more only finding it to not do anything at all. No error message, nothing.
I advised them to load a newer version for IE in the hope that would fix things. Meanwhile I downloaded them a copy of firefox...
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