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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge litLIB: Excel power functions pack ExcelLock: Locking and securing your valuable Excel spreadsheets encOffice: Protect your Excel file easy and safe encOffice: Protect your Excel file easy and safe
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SQL*XL documentation (Read 3533 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQL*XL documentation
24.03.06 at 10:47:01
Michael from the USA asked the following question.
I am really enjoying SQL*XL and your help when I have emailed you! Is there any written documentation for SQL*XL? I have really struggled on how to take full advantage of SQL*XL and having such a document would be a huge help.
It is nice to hear that you are enjoying to use SQL*XL for your database to Excel work. I try to answer everyone personally when I receive emails with questions. Part of the reason to start these forums is to try to offline some of the most frequently asked questions so I can concentrate on the users with new questions.
Documentation for SQL*XL is available from the following sources. The documentation is never good enough and I must admit that there are undocumented features as well. That especially counts for the VBA capabilities. Through the help file/site and this forum I  hope to provide all the documentation users may need.
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