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Multi PC backup solution (Read 4479 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Multi PC backup solution
14.03.06 at 09:05:06
Multi PC backup solution
I've put my new backup solution into use this evening. I have put my old PC to use, put all (4) my old hard drives into this PC that I harvested from other PCs I had. Now it has about 100GB capacity for backups.  
I use Trueimage to image each PC in my network. Three of these are important to be backed up. Trueimage has scheduling available so each PC makes its own backups and leaves them on a specified backup partition on each PC.
The backup computer is configured to start up and with a batch file it downloads the backups to the backup PC. It then deletes the backups on the original computers. A technical complication was that the batch file kicks in before the LAN connection is established. I used the following statement to make the batch file sleep for 5 seconds to allow windows to build the LAN connection:
ping -n 1 -w 5000 >NUL
The backup computer switches itself off automatically with the same batch file. I am using a vbs script to do this. It gets an instance of the winmgmts object to query it for the win32_operatingsystem objects. It then calls the win32shutdown method of this object.  
So it starts the batch file when windows starts and it then switches the PC off again when it is done. Let me know if you are interested in this vbs script.
The last trick was to make the PC switch on periodically. I bought a timer plug and gave the PC power between 16:00 and 17:00. In the BIOS I configured the PC to bootup after a power failure. It works like a charm.
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