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SQL*XL is blanking cells below the data (Read 3849 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQL*XL is blanking cells below the data
10.03.06 at 11:31:54
SQL*XL (power)user Raelyn frm the USA asked the following question.
When I run a query I frequently make notes below the returned data. Now, however, when I "refresh" or rerun the queried data, some (or all) of my notes/comments get wiped out -- even when the results were identical to the first query.
You always need to leave a blank cell between the original data and your notes. Besides, your notes would be better placed at the top or to the side of the queried data.
When you rerun a query, SQL*XL will remove the old data first. Suppose you retrieved 6 rows originally and that rerunning this query will return 2 rows. If SQL*XL doesn't blank the original rows it may look like there are again 6 rows returned. When you switch on the feedback line you may see it but it is still not ideal.
The technique SQL*XL uses to remove the old data is by looking for the first blank row below the previously returned data. It finds your notes too and includes them in the range of cells that are to be wiped.  
Leaving a blank row between the data and your notes will prevent this from happening however another problem may linger. Suppose you now retrieve more rows. SQL*XL will overwrite the cells below the original table data and your notes will be overwritten.
I suggest you keep your notes above the data instead of below it.
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