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Map cells to the database table (Read 3451 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Map cells to the database table
08.03.06 at 14:52:00
SQL*XL user Richard asked the following question:
We have existing spreadsheets that pre-defined formatting and layout.  Ideally, I would like to integrate SQL*XL with the existing spreadsheets and define specific cells to map to the target database table.  Is this possible?
Yes you can. In fact this has been dealt with in the following forum topics:

To summarise:
You enter the following formula in the cell that you want to map to your database value:
=sqlxl.xla!SQLQueryValue( "select count(*) from mytable" )
Now, you probably require some other cell values to be used in the SQL select statement. The easiest is if you use the Excel concatenate function to build your SQL in the cell. Example:
=sqlxl.xla!SQLQueryValue( concatenate("select count(*) from mytable where col1 = ", A1)
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