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PrinterTrays - Print a file (Read 5256 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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PrinterTrays - Print a file
23.02.06 at 16:54:59
Irungu from Kenia asked the following question:
My application is saving a file from an application called ViewPro onto the hard disk and I need to print it out. I am trying to use PrinterTrays for that.
PrinterTrays is primarily intended to be used to identify your printer tray ids and to provide you with a list of printers to use. This is also what the text on the website tells you.
In addition it can print text onto the printer and tray you want. PrinterTrays can also print a word document to a specific printer and tray. You can find this information in the API document.  
How to use it with the software ViewPro you mention, I do not know.  
I suggest you try to see whether ViewPro has an open API to allow printing. If it has not, see whether it can output to a format that you can print. Little known, there is a command in DOS too to print:  
copy /b yourfile.prn > \\computer\printer
Note that /b stands for binary and > redirects the output to your printer. I do not know how to use a particular tray id.  
Another thing to look at would be to see whether there is anything in the Windows API to print. A good starting point would be: icode_layer_printing_and_spooling_functions.asp
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