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Payment and ordering options (Read 3791 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Payment and ordering options
14.02.06 at 10:36:26
Mahmood from Pakistan asked the following question:
How can I order SQL*XL.
You can order SQL*XL in a couple of ways.

  • By Credit Card
    Preferred is if you could pay for the software by credit card. This is the fastest and cheapest way for all parties. You can place your order here:
  • By Bank Transfer
    The second preferred option. You can wire the amount directly into our bank account. To be able to identify your payment we ask for our invoice number to be quoted with your payment. We can send an invoice to you at your request.
  • through
    Another very cheap way to send money. You can make an account at paypal and load some money into your paypal account. Then you can make a payment via paypal to us. If you want to use this payment method please ask for our paypal id so you can transfer the money.
  • By cheque (check)
    This is not a preferred option. Cashing cheques is very expensive here in The Netherlands. It costs me 12.50 euro to cash one check. That is why I am asking a surcharge to cover the banking costs.
  • Accept purchase orders.
    We accept purchase orders as well. You will be invoiced and given the option to pay by credit card, cheque or bank transfer.
  • Through one of our resellers
    We have resellers in different countries. Contact them to see how they can help.
  • Sending money through the post.
    No, please do not do this.  
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