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Re: Macro Recording (Read 3889 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
YaBB Administrator

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Re: Macro Recording
09.02.06 at 10:57:00
Security is a bit complex. I will try to explain as I understand it.
Executing macros in Excel is considered a security risk by Microsoft. That is where macro security comes in.
Through Tools | Macros | Security you can set the security level
SQL*XL has a so called digital signature: a digital certificate. This will give you the trust that the software is made by me: Linker IT Software BV.
Trust works through a hierarchy. Basically you need to trust Thawte first ( By installing their Code Signing Certificate you indicate you do trust them. Most windows PCs will get these certificates installed as standard however in some cases they are not yet installed. That is why I provide it.
Then any certificate issued by Thawte can also be trusted. I have purchased my digital certificate from Thawte. By installing their certificate you can then say you trust my certificate too.
From then on there is no further security issue. You have indicated you trust me (Linker IT Software BV) as a source of the macro.
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
Linker IT Software
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