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Macro Recording (Read 5459 times)
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Macro Recording
08.02.06 at 09:56:33
Dear Gerrit-Jan
Thanks for the great software which the class participants really enjoy working with SQL*XL. However, a couple of problems crops up during the stage of recording macro - no macro can be captured - although macro security level has been set to low and SQLXL macro recording set to enabled. I have no problem recording on my home machine and able to prove that it works and I do not have an annoying startup notice of the need to enabled the project before recording ::). Your input will help me and the rest of the course participants who will be reading the post to overcome this setback.
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Re: Macro Recording
Reply #1 - 08.02.06 at 10:02:39
Check whether macro recording support is enabled in SQL*XL. See the Program Settings. I believe the setting is in the General section.  
I have not heard about the macro recorder not working if it is enabled in SQL*XL. Errors may happen when SQL*XL has no access to the so called Visual Basic Projects. It is important you accept the digital signature on the SQL*XL addin. In Excel's security screen: Tools | Macros | Security you can also specify whether SQL*XL has access to the Visual Basic Projects.
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