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litXLS - release log (Read 3838 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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litXLS - release log
30.01.06 at 09:55:07
This document contains the details about the latest release of litXLS. A new release is first posted here. After a week the release is made public as mainstream download of SQL*XL if there are no reported problems.
litXLS (09/Oct/2009) ()

litXLS (21/Mar/2006) (

  • Added a method to clsXLS to explicitly cleanup memory: clsXLS.ExitXLS

litXLS (01/Feb/2006)  

litXLS (30/Jan/2006)  

  • Added support for the insertion of Horizontal and Vertical Page breaks (HPageBreaks, VPageBreaks)
  • Added the XLS File Creator demo software
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